I swear, if you are reading this. You better open this thread. Three members from Newkidd are still missing. They been missing since April and no one is talking about, this is so fucked up.
Guys, please @ others so they can see this a spread it. Not a lot of people know, come on guys. I know you can do this!!
Guys come on.. we need to spread this out
Can we have Newkidd trending? Please, please, please!!!
Omg- I just woke up and this blew up so fast. Thank you guys!! I won't be able to reply to all of you so I will tell you here of what we can do!!!
The first we need to do is get more people to noticed this, it doesn't have to be my tweet but at least spread the word as much as you can. We can post ss and information about this situation in other social media platforms; Twitter, insta, tiktok, Snapchat and YouTube!!i
I am not an expert at making emails of positions and all, but it'll be nice if some of you can do them!! Just let me know so I can add it to this thread, that will be really really helpful!!
Let's go guy's, I know we can spread this around!!!!
Wait can you all see the whole entire thread?? I think it got messed up...
I think this thread is broken... https://twitter.com/Minha_Meok/status/1290708238334398465?s=19
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