Had a terrible experience at the new @farmboy on Metcalfe and Lisgar. The assistant store manager couldn’t care less about my issue after having spent a lot of money there. In addition he was trying to push off responsibility for their policies on the customer. Terrible #fail
The assistant manager, Michael, was trying to blame me for their shopping cart policy. So this is the first @farmboy where you can’t take the carts past the entrance, but they also have a huge courtyard you have to cross for parking. How to get a cart load of groceries out?
They expect you to take bags out two at a time. Really bad when you have 10 bags. When I called Michael the assistant manager and asked if I could get some help he told me that that’s not store policy. I’ve been shopping at @farm it for 10 years have never been told that
He the tries to throw up his hands and deny any responsibility with the proverbial “it’s not my fault” for the shopping cart policy that he is tasked with enforcing. But it’s his responsibility to enforce and someone is telling you it’s not working and you don’t want to listen
Do better @FarmBoy and train your managers better. Hire people who know how to deal with the public. I also understand that that store has had problems with disruptive incidents, which probably stems from their silly policies that make no sense #fail
And bc I couldn’t get the groceries to @Uber they cancelled my trip and charged me extra. @farmboy your shopping cart policy is an inconvenience for customers. At least hire a store manager that wants to listen to feedback. That’s literally all I asked for and he couldn’t do that
Thankfully the customer service person, Jessica, arranged for two guys to help me with my groceries which is something the ass. manager, Micheal, didn’t even offer. It was a young woman who helped me when it’s management’s job. What a garbage store this is, @farmboy
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