Mew supporting Gulf 🧡💜

Another beautiful thread 😊🌼

(Even tho this turned out to be more like Mew protecting Gulf 😅)

Again, I've might have forgotten some of them. Don't scream at me.
Let's start with just a few weeks of knowing each other. Gulf told in the TEP interview that he believed Mew would protect him. Mew was actually quite surprised, but I think he accepted that trust in his heart and took it as a mission in life 🥰
During TharnType's filming, Gulf had to do a lot of emotionally exhausting scenes as well. He needed emotional support, and as he did later on, Mew hugged him and stood by him all those times 🥺🥺
Even in workshops, Gulf got too into his character, and Mew hugged him and comforted him all the time ♥️
Mew even appeared on set when he didn't have any schedule to cheer Gulf up 🌼
Like when they filmed the Moon party. Tharn wasn't in any of those scenes, but went anyway to take care of his Type 😂😊
At LINE TV Awards 2019, Mew had to go with his previous cast of WTD. But he didn't want Gulf to be in such a big event alone, so he changed his clothes and went to meet him, to be with him 🥺
At Gulf's first solo fanmeet for his birthday, Mew surprised him. He first told him he wasn't going to be able to go, just to appear in front of him with a big smile. He knew Gulf would be beyond nervous, being his first time singing and dancing alone on a stage 💜
"Don't worry, you're not alone. I'm here with you" 😭
At LINE TV Awards 2020, they were nominated for "Best Kiss Award", Gulf was obviously nervous, as he had never been to such a big event, neither been nominated to one. Mew sat beside him, showing him he was nervous too, trying to calm him down 😍
Valentine's day, Mew had classes until late at night and was tired. He had to catch a plane next day for an inter event. Even with all that, he had promised Gulf to go out to dinner for VD. The restaurant they were going to go was closed at the time, so they ate in a small pace😊
Mew is always encouraging Gulf to improve his dancing and singing, and looks beyond proud when seeing the results 🥺
The results: 😍
Mew is always protecting Gulf from bad rumors... Like the mosquito event 😅
Cr: owner
Mew is really protective of Gulf while in public. He calls up when people do inappropriate things. Like touching Gulf when people shouldn't.
Like the cheek event. A fan touched Gulf's cheek, and Mew ask not to do it again 😣
Even himself asks for permission before touching Gulf 😊
Mew is really protective and caring of Gulf 🥰🥰🥰
Cr: on video
Mew sent Gulf red roses (9 he said 😏) to congratulate Gulf for his fashion show 🥀🥀
Taking care of Gulf is one of Mew's specialties. They love each other so much 🥰♥️😭
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