@Youtube has announced they will do away with their community-contributed captioning, which will indelibly hurt Deaf & Disabled creators and users. Here are some FAQs and resources regarding this harmful decision.

When did they float this idea?

Did they meet with deaf & disabled creators to learn how this could impact them?

Yes. Via @RikkiPoynter: https://twitter.com/rikkipoynter/status/1289004897371856898?s=20
Does it just impact Deaf & Disabled creators and users?

No! It also has ramifications for any and all folks who rely on community captions to make their content accessible to people––especially to people who speak languages that they do not: https://twitter.com/PhilosophyTube/status/1288920122468577280?s=20
*[ @HabenGirma noted that the petition itself is inaccessible in its own right; we hope @Change takes the necessary steps to "change" this] https://twitter.com/HabenGirma/status/1289349582527201280?s=20
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