The latest timeline for events coming up
Right now, NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley have just finished getting in their SpaceX pressure suits ahead of the landing
After jettisoning its cylindrical trunk at 1:51PM ET, Crew Dragon will burn its thrusters and take itself out of orbit. It'll be less than an hour before they're in the ocean.
Crew Dragon is targeting a landing off the coast of Pensacola, one of 7 potential landing sites around Florida. SpaceX's recovery boat GO Navigator will meet up with the capsule to hoist it out of the water. (Pictured is Go Searcher, a similar boat for east coast recoveries)
Right now, Bob and Doug are doing leak checks after pressurizing their suits
A live shot from GO Navigator. Even with the weak winds, you've still got some bobbing action
GO for deorbit burn!
Bob and Doug back in their suits ahead of deorbit burn
10 minutes until the trunk is jettisoned
Deorbit sequence has begun. The Crew Dragon is now re-orienting ahead of trunk separation
Confirmation of trunk separation. Now just a few minutes until deorbit burn.
"Oh yeah, we felt it." -- Doug
Deorbit burn is underway! The burn will last for 11 and a half minutes, putting the Crew Dragon on its path the splash down near Pensacola, Florida
It. Is. Happening.
Deorbit burn is complete! Soon, Bob and Doug will dive through Earth's upper atmosphere and things are gonna get hot, reaching max temperatures of 3,500 degrees Fahrenheit. Don't worry, they've got a heat shield!
"All we have left now is to wait." AHHH
Crew Dragon's nosecone has fully closed. A little more than 20 minutes from now until the capsule starts re-entering the atmosphere.
Time to get a coffee refill. Next up, Crew Dragon will reorient itself to re-enter the Earth's atmosphere at 2:32PM ET
"No health issues at this time."
Once Bob and Doug enter the atmosphere, there will be a six-minute communications blackout at some point, thanks to the intense heat and plasma layer that surrounds the spacecraft.
The view from GO Navigator, which is waiting for the crew in the Gulf
The comms blackout is here. Six minutes. We can do it. @astro_g_dogg tells me it's much scarier for us here on the ground than the ones in the spacecraft.
Less than 10 minutes to splashdown
Comm check! Doug answers!!
Drogue chutes deployed!
Main chutes have deployed!!!
Splash down!!!
"Welcome back to Planet Earth, and thanks for flying SpaceX."
"feeling pretty good so far." -- Doug. They do have barf bags in case that changes...
It'll take about an hour for Bob and Doug to exit the Crew Dragon. SpaceX's recovery boats are approaching the capsule now.
Crews prepping the Crew Dragon so it can be pulled out of the water
Doesn't get more 2020 than this
So THIS is why we never landed in the Gulf before
Seriously where the hell is the coast guard?
Crew Dragon is on the boat, and it looks like the boats are scattering
Slight delay to hatch opening, still doing some sniff checks around the capsule
Still checking around the capsule for residual fuel from the Draco thrusters. Don't want to inhale any toxic fumes when they come out of the capsule
Continuing to purge as gas levels decline
The fact that recovering crews are STILL continuing to purge the surface of the capsule is why those boat onlookers are so concerning. They're getting close to potentially toxic fumes, without taking proper precautions.
Not to mention the fact they could physically get in the way of recovery..
At least there aren't any toxic fumes inside the cabin, according to Doug
Purge complete! One last check, and then hatch opening
Hatch open!
Bob is out, immediately sits up on his stretcher and waves
Doug sliding out of the capsule
SpaceX's @kate_tice signs off with an emotional farewell about how hard everyone has worked to get to this point. Congratulations to everyone involved for a smooth mission from start to finish.
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