Also listening to a lot of Linda Ronstadt these days. Highly recommend. Lawd, her voice is otherworldly. A true genre-hopping songstress. The first Woman ROCK STAR.
And DO NOT GET ME STARTED about "The Trio" - Linda, EmmieLou Harris AND Dolly MF Parton?! Chile. The blending of their voices is beyond beautiful. I love the story about how that came about.
Dolly was visiting Emmie and so they called Linda & invited her over. Dolly started singing in the living room and when the other 2 joined in "the spirit entered the room" and they knew they had to record an album together. "We sounded like a sister singing group"
Let's also talk about how Grammy winning Don't Know Much legit came out of Linda visiting NOLA and going to see the Neville Bros play. Aaron Neville invited Linda on stage to sing with him ("I mean it's Linda how could I not invite her up").
Linda loved the way their voices sounded together ("But honestly who doesn't sound better when Aaron Neville is singing with you" - Linda) - and insisted they record a song together. They finished the recording session and Aaron said to her "I'll see you at the Grammys" BLOOP!
Linda's entire career was her deciding to do a thing, the record company saying NO - we already have a hit doing this, let's keep going on this track. Linda doing whatever TF she wanted and setting records ALL OVER THE PLACE. LEGEND.
Linda a whole ROCK STAR: I wanna do Broadway.
GET'S NOMINATED FOR A TONY AWARD for The Pirates of Penzance. Kevin Kline said he cried at the basic table sing through on the first day her voice was so beautiful. LEGEND.
Linda: It's time for me to do a Spanish language album, these are my roots and I know all these songs.
Record company: WTF are you talking about?
She also had the top 3 Mariachi bands on her album.
There is a scene in the documentary "The Sound of My Voice" where she is recording background for Reuben Blades on one of his albums. She's trying to get the inflection perfect and they do a take, the LOOK on Reuben's face is priceless.
ANYWAY - if you have been looking for something to listen to these days Linda is a good bet. And if you have HBOMAX the documentary of her life The Sound of My Voice is playing now. Sadly Linda no longer able to sing - she has Parkinson's but she narrates the documentary.
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