Dear landlords- here is what will happen to you if we don’t cancel rent In NYC very soon

1.Your tenants will still not be able to pay. You still get no rent
2. You evict them. More people are now homeless. Your apartment sits empty. Still no rent
3. The bank takes your property
Notice there is no option here where you kick people out and immediately rent their apartment for $3000 a month. That’s cause it’s not gonna happen. Those days are done for a good while
Now mega funds like BlackRock are fine sitting on empty properties. But someone who owns one or two small buildings? Probably not. They ought to band together with tenants to cancel rent, defer their mortgages, and ban evictions and foreclosures.
Otherwise, small landlords are going to lose their properties, and we will move one step closer to a city where mega corporations own every bit of land.

Judging by his actions, this is absolutely what Cuomo wants.
The sociopathic US response to COVID is leading to an unprecedented consolidation of money and property in the hands of a few megacorps. There is no room for small landlords (or small businesses) in their vision.
One way to cancel rent without bankrupting small landlords.

This is probably the only way to prevent a housing collapse that will make 2008 look like a kids party
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