Let’s make this go viral please.

Mail-in voting is the EXACT SAME THING as absentee voting.

The only difference?

Trump wants you to vote “absentee” if you are a Republican,

And stop your “mail-in” vote if you’re a Democrat.

He’s promoting his constituents to #VoteByMail.
Yes not to mention Trump voted by mail since he changed his residency to Florida.

Please request your mail-in ballots ASAP so you avoid last minute suppression.

5 states #VoteByMail with no issues as well the military.

2020 Deadlines are below⤵️⤵️
For good measure & all the chaos agents. Here is Barr verifying that 5 states use #VoteByMail & the military.

He also votes by mail along with Trump.
So thank you to Toni for providing this mailer to him in Minnesota so they can get his absentee ballot for Florida.

Paid for postage to return the absentee ballot application all in one mailer.

More proof #VoteByMail is fine for Republicans but not Democrats.
I appreciate people posting that they are receiving mail-in ballot applications without requesting them.

In WI are sending out these, not to mention it’s says or current resident as I confirmed about the picture.

Republicans sending out mail-in ballot applications willy nilly!
Remember this name #LouisDeJoy!!

Trump made him Postmaster General of the US, in pure Trump form he is trying to DESTROY @USPS to help him win an election.


https://twitter.com/mikel_jollett/status/1289190430974738433?s=21 https://twitter.com/mikel_jollett/status/1289190430974738433
So WISCONSIN is by far winning by sending out absentee ballots to EVERYONE!

Thanks @acupoker for sharing this shady behavior by a party that claims #VoteByMail to be so corrupt 🙄
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