Some round number analysis of budget implications of demand by Pac-12 football players for half revenue to go to athletes ...

First, ~50% revenues to players is about what pro athletes in most large leagues get, so 50% is a perfectly reasonable request
in 2019, according to USA Today, the Pac-12 athletic programs had a collected ~$1.25 billion in revenue (w/ estimates for Stan & USC)

50% shared among all varsity athletes equates to ~$250,000 per athlete (all sports)
Across Pac-12 in 2019 head & assistant football coaches collectively earned ~$100m or about 8% of total athletic program revenues (head coaches alone get about half this)

There are ~120 head & asst football coaches in Pac-12
So the average salary is ~$800,000
Here is a look inside other salaries at Univ of Wisc, which are probably in the ballpark for thinking about other P5 state schools
According to @KnightAthletics in 2018 the PAC-12 campuses collectively spent ~$126m on student aid

That is roughly $25,000 per student

So let's subtract that from players revenue share request

That leaves ~$225,000 per varsity athlete
Where would remaining 40% revenue share come from (after deducting edu expenses)?

Salaries are ~$400m & facilities are ~$250m in Pac-12
Cut both by 2/3 and there you are there
So a head coach making $3m would instead make $1m
But what if coaches & ADs like their big salaries?
Can they be maintained?

Sure, to some degree at least

Follow this model for commercializing athlete NIL & all of a sudden there is a new revenue stream for players, Athletics & campuses
So is the Pac-12 players request for 50% revenues to athletes realistic? YES

Does it run afoul of Title IX? NO

Would it involve some changes to big-time athletics? SURE

Could Pac-12 schools handle it? ABSOLUTELY

Would college sport look different on TV or in stadiums? NOPE
I'm happy to chair the independent, faculty-led committee for the Pac-12 to develop a common-sense, workable approach to make this happen - Easy peasy😜🏈
Bottom line
Is sharing 50% of revenue in big-time college sports doable?
Yes it is
How do I know this for sure?
See: MLB, NBA, NFL, EPL, NHL etc

All that is needed is leadership
And it looks like the athletes are now providing it
Buckle up
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