As a skilled energy reader one important thing to learn is how to get a claan intuitive read. A clean read is one that is not filled with your own emotions, shadow projections, victimhood, personal agendas, self righteousness and judgements.
When most people try to read energy it’s completely tainted with personal experience and their own confirmation bias. This is what is meant by, you see the world as you are. But a clean read, is different. It’s simply looking at the dynamics playing out from a neutral perspective
How is feels to me when I’m getting a clean read on energies or a particular dynamic playing out is like I’m watching a play. Sometimes it’s shown to me clairvoyantly(through visions), other times it’s telepathic, a clean knowing or it can also be sensation-based.
Often I’m not able to get a clean read or intuitive hit on something when I’m too emotionally invested or when I desire the outcome to play out one way or another based on my own personal needs. This can happen when you’re too close to something.
If you’re sensitive you can notice somatically when you find yourself ‘leading’ a reading. It’s subtle, but it’s definitely noticeable. For example, you may have already decided someone is the bad guy and so you have a personal attachment to keeping that narrative going.
If you’re someone who wants to see the world as it is, rather then only through your projections, you have to continually purify your own energy. Purifying your energy is like cleaning the window off so that the sunlight can come through. It changes everything.
Purifying your energy also means purifying your intentions. I have always been naturally good at tracking energy and reading people. But it wasn’t until I became aware of how much I could use that to help people, that I learned to do it well.
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