Explosion reported in Jalalabad, Nangarhar. #Afghanistan
Shamshad News reporting twin explosions in Jalalabad. #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
One more image from Jalalabad, Nangarhar. #Afghanistan
Rocket attack being reported targeting Jalalabad Air Base. At least 10 rockets fired. #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
Afghan journalist @bsarwary reports explosion took place near Jalalabad prison. #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
. @bsarwary reporting it was a car SVBIED attack that targeted Jalalabad prison. Gunfight reportedly ongoing. #Afghanistan
IMAGES from Jalalabad, Nangarhar. #Afghanistan
So this appears to be an ongoing complex attack. Rocket attacks on Jalalabad Air Base combined with SVBIED near prison with ground assault by fighters. Incident is ongoing. #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
One more image from Jalalabad. #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
VIDEO from Jalalabad via @bsarwary, who says there are at least 7 wounded so far in the ongoing attack in Jalalabad city. #Afghanistan
VIDEO # 2 from the outskirts of Jalalabad via @bsarwary. #Afghanistan
Ongoing attack in Jalalabad increasingly appears to be an attempt at prison break. #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
Afghan Interior Ministry has confirmed the blast in Jalalabad. #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
Gunfight in Jalalabad still ongoing. #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
At least a dozen people wounded so far. #Jalalabad #Afghanistan

3 dead, at least 28 wounded so far in Jalalabad attack. #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
NOT so good reports coming out of Jalalabad. #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
I find it unlikely that Taliban could be behind the complex ongoing attack in Jalalabad. The prison in the city is holding both Taliban and ISKP prisoners. But Afghan govt is already releasing Taliban prisoners, so why attack the prison? Most likely culprit is ISKP.

And as if on cue, Taliban just released statement saying they are not responsible for the ongoing attack in Jalalabad. #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
Pro-ISKP accounts/channels praising the Jalalabad attack but so far no official claim from IS. #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
Multiple govt buildings attacked in ongoing attack in Jalalabad. #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
At least one prisoner managed to escape from Jalalabad prison. #Nangarhar #Afghanistan

As expected, Islamic State Khorasan (ISKP) has claimed responsibility for the complex attack in Jalalabad city. #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
So, now the question I'm wondering about is, was the Jalalabad attack ISKP's revenge for the extrajudicial killing of ISKP's intelligence head Assadullah Orakzai by Afghan intelligence (NDS)?
VIDEO from Jalalabad shows fires burning near the prison. #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
Local source tells me there was a mass escape of prisoners at Jalalabad prison. At least around 30-50 prisoners escaped. Some prisoners were also injured in the initial attack. At least 15 prisoners were recaptured by Afghan security forces. Rest escaped, I'm told. #Afghanistan
Another source also reports there are several civilians among those killed and wounded. Apparently several civilian homes were also attacked by the attackers part of ground assault. This was a pretty massive attack. #Jalalabad #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
Another video from Jalalabad, Nangarhar. #Afghanistan
VIDEO from Jalalabad, Nangarhar shows helicopters in the sky. Unclear if US/NATO or Afghan. #Afghanistan
Nearly 50 killed and wounded so far in the Jalalabad attack. To recap, there was rocket attack on Jalalabad Air Base (nearly a dozen projectiles fired), followed by car SVBIED at main prison gate, after which the prison was raided by fighters part of ground assault. #Afghanistan
Pakistan's Special Rep to Afghanistan condemns Jalalabad attack which was claimed by ISKP. #Afghanistan

Attack in Jalalabad still going on as of 30 mins ago. There are still heavily armed fighters engaging in gunfights with Afghan security forces. Multiple attackers are reportedly wearing suicide vests. Multiple more explosions have been heard in last few hrs. #Nangarhar
Civilian homes in the vicinity have been hit by mortars and grenades due to heavy ongoing clashes between attackers and Afghan security forces. Some attackers also entered civilian homes and executed some civilians. #Jalalabad #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
Multiple prisoners who escaped the prison following the attack have been recaptured by ANDSF. But some of them surrendered on their own. Most of the prisoners recaptured are common criminals and don't belong to any militant group. #Jalalabad #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
Another video from Jalalabad shows one more recaptured common prisoner who says he escaped the prison to save his life. #Jalalabad #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
At least 50 prisoners escaped from Jalalabad prison with 15 of them (mostly common prisoners) being recaptured. Around a dozen explosions in total reported so far from the area where the attack is still ongoing. #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
Vid here first shared by @bsarwary
Among the several prisoners who have escaped from Jalalabad prison are several Islamic State (ISKP) fighters. Some inmates were also killed and wounded in the initial attack. Many common prisoners also escaped (many since recaptured/surrendered) to save their lives. #Afghanistan
Still intense fighting being reported in Jalalabad. It has been several hours since attack began. #Afghanistan
Morning video from Jalalabad via @bsarwary; one can hear gunfire in the background. #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
Rescue op being carried out by ANDSF in Jalalabad. #Afghanistan
Some families rescued by ANDSF. #Jalalabad #Afghanistan

Fighting in Jalalabad still ongoing. At least 3 attackers killed but total number of attackers not known yet, as per local officials. Around 700 inmates managed to escape, but local officials insist most of them have been recaptured. Prison breached from multiple points
A total of around 1500 inmates were present in the prison at the time of the attack. #Jalalabad #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
Another vid from Jalalabad via @bsarwary:
One more vid from Jalalabad via @bsarwary, who reports 5 dead bodies reached hospital with over 40 wounded. #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
It has been around 13 hours since Jalalabad attack began. #Afghanistan
This testimony from a woman who was rescued indicates there might be some foreign fighters - or at least non-Pushto fighters part of the ISKP team that carried out the attack in Jalalabad. #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
Wow. This Afghan commando says the number of attackers is likely over 20. #Jalalabad #Afghanistan
This report suggests the attackers have taken over the Jalalabad prison and intend to burn down the whole prison. #Afghanistan
. @bsarwary reports at least 13 civilians killed and 59 wounded. There are also casualties in ANDSF ranks. At least 8 attackers inside the prison. Attackers also on the top floor of the East plaza building. #Jalalabad #Afghanistan
. @bsarwary also reports at least 3 prisoners were killed, who bled to death. At least 5 prisoners wounded in fire by ANDSF. Prisoners have also asked for food and water. #Jalalabad #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
VIDEO from last night via @bsarwary filmed by an ANDSF commander. #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
Provincial governor's spokesman Attaullah Khogyani confirmed that 13 civilians have died in the Jalalabad prison attack & more than 40 are wounded. He also said 3 attackers have been killed. #Nangarhar
Detailed statement by Islamic State (ISKP) for Jalalabad attack. The attack is now over following lengthy clearance op by ANDSF. #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
Important point here.
Jalalabad prison clearing operation ended with 5 attackers killed, and 3 captured alive, as per Afghan MoD. #Nangarhar
At least 3 ISKP fighters had rented a house 200 meters from Behsud district center in Jalalabad city and were firing mortars from there at the jail. Afghan Army chief Yasin Zia led the op in Jalalabad. #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
Several ANDSF fighters are among those killed and wounded in the attack. Some Taliban and ISKP prisoners as well as some common prisoners managed to escape from the prison. Some were recaptured by ANDSF. But many remain missing. Some inmates in prison also killed & wounded.
As several people on Afghan social media point out, this photo might be where ISKP managed to get the full map of Jalalabad prison. This photo was taken when the prison director was introduced. #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
At least 29 people were killed and 50 others were wounded in Jalalabad prison attack that ended after almost 18 hours and resulted in several inmates being killed, wounded and escaped. #Afghanistan
Here is Fawad Aman, a spokesman for Afghan MoD, saying the attack is over and the prison is now under the control of Afghan security forces. #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
IMAGES via @bsarwary from last night following the SVBIED bombing. #Jalalabad #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
This report once again points towards the possibility that many ISKP attackers were likely foreign fighters. #Jalalabad #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
We do know ISKP has informants within the ranks of NDS and ANDSF.
One more video via @bsarwary from Jalalabad earlier today. #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
GRAPHIC IMAGE allegedly shows bodies of multiple ISKP attackers who raided Jalalabad prison. #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
Another video via @bsarwary from earlier today from Jalalabad. #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
VIDEO via @1TVNewsAF from Jalalabad from earlier today. #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
MORE IMAGES from Jalalabad from earlier today. #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
Afghan MoD now says a total of 10 ISKP attackers killed. #Jalalabad #Afghanistan
MORE IMAGES from Jalalabad from earlier today. #Afghanistan
MORE IMAGES from Jalalabad from earlier today showing ANDSF presence near the prison. #Afghanistan
(Alleged) IMAGE of one of the ISKP attackers killed in clashes with ANDSF. #Jalalabad #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
IMAGE shows some of the common prisoners who had escaped after being recaptured. #Jalalabad #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
Unsurprisingly, Afghan govt officials already trying to pin the blame of Jalalabad attack on Taliban and Haqqani Network. #Afghanistan
In detailed statement, Amaq also confirmed projectile attack on Jalalabad Air Base (where NATO troops are stationed) around the same time it launched attack on main prison. #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
I'm told this video is from the time right after Jalalabad Air Base was attacked with projectiles. This video shows military helicopters (most likely NATO) in the sky searching for attackers. #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
VIDEO from Jalalabad shows Afghan security forces following the completion of clearing op. #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
Afghan prison guard Fazl Nabeel among those killed in #Jalalabad attack. #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
How the last inghimasi fighter of ISKP was killed by ANDSF:
The number of attackers killed keeps rising. Now it is 11. #Jalalabad #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
Looks like it is still not over. Clashes ongoing between ANDSF and attackers at a house near Jalalabad airport area. #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
IMAGES of those wounded in the Jalalabad attack. #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
IMAGE via @bsarwary from the site used to fire mortars at Jalalabad Air Base where NATO troops are stationed. #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
VIDEO from Jalalabad shows some prisoners being transferred. I'm assuming these must be the recaptured prisoners. #Afghanistan
MORE IMAGES from Jalalabad from the aftermath of the clearing op at the main prison. #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
Another image from at least one of the sites which was being used by ISKP attackers to targeted Jalalabad Air Base with mortars. #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
MORE IMAGES of dead bodies of (alleged) attackers. #Jalalabad #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
Multiple vehicles were also destroyed in the Jalalabad attack. #Afghanistan
MORE IMAGES from Jalalabad, Nangarhar. #Afghanistan
An op is underway in Behsud district of Nangarhar against at least 4 militants who began an attack on a residential building with a suicide bombing, says Nangarhar governor's office. Officials say this attack began around the same time Jalalabad prison was attacked. #Afghanistan
EU statement on Jalalabad attack:
English translation of the ISKP claim for Jalalabad attack. #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
IMAGES: Some of those killed in Jalalabad attack. #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
France24 report on Jalalabad attack. #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
Amaq released infographic on Jalalabad attack. #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
Another video from Jalalabad when ANDSF clearing op was going on. #Nangarhar #Afghanistan

Several civilian families fled their homes in Jalalabad during the attack and the subsequent op by ANDSF. #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
Media linked to Islamic State Khorasan (ISKP) released new audio tape (almost 21 minutes in duration) of ISKP spokesperson Sultan Aziz Azzam who narrates the entire ISKP attack in Jalalabad, Nangarhar. #Afghanistan
Special thanks to @ValleRiccardo for this.
Another VIDEO showing some of the many escaped prisoners recaptured by ANDSF following Jalalabad prison break. #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
Saudi Arabia condemned the Jalalabad attack. #Afghanistan
OIC also condemned the Jalalabad attack:
This is unconfirmed right now but several pro-IS accounts claiming that multiple attackers part of the Jalalabad prison attack team were from India region. #Nangarhar #ISKP #Afghanistan
We do know for a fact that there were multiple foreign fighters involved in the attack, since witnesses confirmed they spoke foreign language. #Jalalabad #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
English version of Amaq infographic on Jalalabad prison attack. #ISKP #Nangarhar #Afghanistan

Islamic State releases photos of the team of attackers which carried out the complex attack in Jalalabad. #Nangarhar #ISKP #Afghanistan

This is the photo of the ISKP suicide bomber (identified as Abu Rawaha al-Muhajir) who carried out the car SVBIED attack at Jalalabad prison gate. He clearly looks someone from India-Pakistan region. #Afghanistan

This is the group photo of ISKP attackers who were part of the team that launched several mortar attacks against Jalalabad Air Base where US/NATO troops are stationed. #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
The number of mortar rounds in this picture are crazy. Lots of questions about how they managed to get that quantity of rounds in one place. #Jalalabad #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
Here are the two images I shared earlier which were from the site which was used by ISKP to launch mortar shells at Jalalabad Air Base where US/NATO troops are stationed:


Multiple pro-ISKP accounts claiming this guy is from Indian subcontinent. #Jalalabad #Afghanistan
Good thread on the audio tape of ISKP spox Sultan Aziz Azzam on Jalalabad prison attack.

As per ISKP, the attackers who carried out the attack included 4 Tajiks, 3 Indians, 3 Afghans & 1 Pakistani, #Nangarhar #Afghanistan
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