The newbs who gained profile during the 2017 ICO boom are the now the influencer experts everyone is listening to about DeFi.

This is fine.
During 2017 the grift was "Investor/Entrepreneur/World Traveler/Bitcoin/Ethereum" in your LinkedIn/Twitter/Facebook bio and then post shots of you in exotic places on Instagram so people could hate-like your posts.

Now all of those people are partnered with hedge funds and VCs.
The game for "experts" isn't to be right, but to say the right things and be "socially acceptable" to crypto while doing it.

Maybe a chart or two and something witty.

But there's something new that crypto is just now struggling with that will become more important over time.
I've mentioned this before, and I'll say it again: the public and what it feels is important has changed.

The winds shifted, and crypto is out of sync.

There's not a whole lot of capital inflow compared to this time in 2017 as the pump was being primed.
To what new and broader audiences is the incestuous circle jerk attempting to appeal?

While I think this will be a good bull cycle... if you're expecting 2017 without a huge drop in price first, I think you're set up for disappointment.
20%, 30%, or even 40% price swings get people excited.

Look at all the news articles being put to press right now.

The price going up isn't nearly as exciting as the price going down.

Make money, but learn how these systems work.

Don't chase pumps.

Don't trust any of these "experts," even if they have lots of friends everyone likes, because they don't know anything more than you do.
Because DeFi systems are so complex, people understand them less than ICO token projects.

The only real bets are following where VC money flows and exiting early before they do.

Maybe you miss the absolute top, but you will be spared the bottom.
I come across like a perma-bear, but that's because I can see the inequities and points of failure for these systems because I build them.

Never trade against my feed.

Just soak it in and think for yourself.
FWIW... I don't say the "right things" to be accepted because ugh not a clout chaser.

I'm usually just right, and the clout is a byproduct.
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