Celebrating five years of Shadowproof ( @shadowproofcom) today.

There was never guarantee we would succeed and still be here. Fortunately, we have journalists, members, & donors who believe in us, and their kindness makes it possible to do impactful work. https://shadowproof.com/2020/08/02/looking-back-shadowproof-fifth-year/
In July, we launched a newsletter covering whistleblowers and the obstacles they face in government and corporations.

To mark our fifth birthday, anyone can sign up and receive a 30-day free trial.

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In addition to the essential work @bsonenstein does through @beyondprison podcast, Brian is always there to absorb my ideas for stories and thoughts on political developments and figure out what's worthy of further exploration and what's distraction to be ignored.
Almost all work I do for @shadowproofcom is seen by people, but for Brian, it's different. He does a ton of work with freelance journalists, especially curating our recent series of prison abolition stories, and managing the site that nobody ever sees.
Brian and I do not pay ourselves. In fact, we never have. All money we raise goes to paying journalists to write for @shadowproofcom, site costs, and any incidental expenses.

Some day we hope that changes, but we're committed to getting there independently with no mega-donor.
I'll honor the work journalists did for us in the past year.

@mxthemme authored a three-part series, "Trans Behind Bars," that covered the experiences of trans prisoners, including the case of Strawberry Hampton https://shadowproof.com/category/prison-protest/trans-behind-bars/
Part of @shadowproofcom's mission is to expand the space for dissenting perspectives so our conversations are not limited to what elites in media and politics allow.

A good example is our current series on organizing for world without police or prisons. Another roll call.
As far as our work goes, I'll stop here for now. My colleague @bsonenstein shared some enlightening thoughts: https://twitter.com/bsonenstein/status/1289919888811671552

I'll likely return with some of my own later.
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