I see so many #Shehnaazians becoming soft after yesterday's live and claiming to be a sidnaazians who is Sana biased. I just want to tell y'all it's your feeling that u liked them so I won't force you to change it, but shifting sides even though u are (1/2)
#ShehnaazGill biased isn't going to be beneficial for her. Sidhearts are there in huge no to hype him individually..but what about her? Shall she only be known for her relationship with Sidharth? Think about it... #Shehnaazians
For all #Shehnaazians who have got soft, it's ur feeling. Y'all can continue liking it but when y'all tweet or when it comes to hyping I hope y'all will keep #ShehnaazGill 's projects,posts,articles & trends as a priority & not make your page a sidnaaz page.
No force just telling
Can you please remove the comment where you tagged him? Please? I don't want any of them to see it
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