I started to question my gender when i was twelve, I would act like a guy and see myself as a guy. I used to draw a bunch of gay art and put it up on my wall and i didn't know my dad was a homophobe at the time.
one day my dad stormed into my room and just started ripping all of my art off of the wall. I didn't know how to feel..I felt stuck. He told me that drawing those things were bad and that I would always be his daughter and nothing would change that.
that's when i became aware that not everyone would accept me for what I was and i just believed what he told me and told myself that I was weird, I kept telling myself that and I've said it over and over that i'd never fit in and that my body wasn't fit enough
for someone else's liking. Now that I'm older i've realized that there are tons of people like me and I'm not completely alone in this situation. I love the community and everyone in it.
Thank you for your support.
I'm always glad to know that someone..somewhere cares about me.

It helps me out when I'm feeling very low.

Sorry if this thread is badly typed, i havent slept since 3pm yesterday and it is now 9AM i'll probably redo this later lmao
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