How well do you know David H Laufman?

Read on...you may be surprised by what you learn.

Most of you are familiar with Laufman’s actions since 2016, but what do you know about the previous 30+ years of his career?

Let’s take a deep dive into this consummate DC insider’s career.

Laufman is originally from Houston, the adopted hometown of George H W Bush.

mportant because the Bush family will play a significant part in Laufman’s career.

Laufman graduated from prestigious St John’s High School, the alma mater of the filmmaker Wes Anderson.

Yes, the school was the inspiration for Rushmore Academy.

In the 1980’s, according to his official bio, Laufman was a military and political analyst with the CIA.


During this same time period, he earned a law degree from Georgetown University (Oooof course)

In the early 90’s, Laufman was Deputy Minority Counsel (Republican side) to the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

In 1992, he was appointed Senior Associate Minority Counsel to the “October Surprise Task Force.”

The task force was created by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to investigate allegations that the Reagan campaign had negotiated with the govt of Iran to delay the release of American hostages until after the 1980 presidential election. https://twitter.com/SeekerOTL/status/1154934467762503687

After a two year investigation, the task force concluded that there was “no credible evidence supporting any attempt by the Reagan presidential campaign—or persons associated with the campaign—to delay the release of the American hostages in Iran".

Immediately after his stint on the October Surprise Task Force, Laufman was picked by Joe DiGenova to be a part of his Independent Counsel team.

The Independent Counsel's mission was to investigate the unauthorized search of Bill Clinton’s passport files during the 1992 Presidential election campaign.

After years of investigating, the Independent Counsel concluded that no member of the Bush administration acted illegally.


Needless to say, after working on two consecutive investigations that cleared Bush the Elder of any wrongdoing, Laufman was gaining a reputation as a Bush “cleanup man.”

And it was during George W Bush’s administration that Laufman hit his stride as a prosecutor on the War on Terror.

From 2001 to 2003, Laufman was the DOJ’s “representative to the National Security Council’s Police Coordinating Committee on Terrorist Financing,...

...a sensitive inter-agency body that formulated intelligence and law enforcement policy and tactics regarding the designation of individuals and organizations suspected of financing al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations.”

Laufman’s name appears in a 2003 DOD IG report on alleged mistreatment of 9/11 detainees along with another name you should recognize.


From 2003 to 2007, Laufman served as Assistant US Attorney in the Eastern District of Virginia. In this position he was a zealous prosecutor of the Bush administration’s War on Terror.

In 2005 Bush nominated Laufman to be the Inspector General of the Department of Defense.

When researching the response to Laufman’s nomination, I discovered the opposition came mostly from the left.

In this Salon article, the author accuses Laufman of delaying action on detainee abuse cases as US attorney and asks why Bush would nominate him to the position of Inspector General.

In Congress, the opposition to his nomination was led by Senator Carl Levin.

In a blog entry from the Daily Kos, the author explicitly says what Levin only says indirectly: Bush was attempting to place Laufman in a position so he could cover up intelligence failures.


Is there any need to explain the prescience of this statement?

When Laufman testified that he would consult with the Secretary of Defense before he embarked on cases involving national security, eschewing the traditional independent role of the IG, he lost support in Congress.

Now here’s where things get real interesting. You may have seen a tweet from last week that contained a video about Karl Rove and his legal representation. https://twitter.com/SeekerOTL/status/1288906619393314822

The clip is from a doc (Atticus v. The Architect: The Political Assassination of Don Siegelman) about the prosecution of an ex-governor of Alabama. I won’t get into the details here (gambling, Indian tribes, Jack Abramoff, dirty politics, etc.); it deserves its own thread.

What’s important to know for this thread is that a whistleblower came forward in the scandal, a former GOP operative named Dana Jill Simpson

Among her many accusations was the claim that she was privy to a conversation among Bama GOP bigwigs concerning a plan to ensure the ex-governor would never get elected to office again.

Rove denied Simpson’s accusations.

However, he refused to comply with congressional subpoenas to testify.

The scandal lingered into 2008 and change of administrations. On the surface, you would think this switch from a Republican to Democratic POTUS would have benefited Simpson and harmed Rove. You would be wrong.

Welcome to the Swamp.

The new Attorney General, Eric Holder, was a former attorney at the law firm representing Rove, Covington and Burling.

Additionally, Obama’s White House counsel Greg Graig had previously represented Karl Rove in a book deal.

However, his relationship with Rove did not stop Graig from contacting Simpson and offering legal assistance only to back out after he learned the details of her case.

Simpson’s attorney wrote an angry letter to Craig, admonishing him for his deception and demanding that he recuse himself from the case.

In the letter Simpson’s attorney sent to Craig, she listed numerous reasons why he should recuse, including asking whether he had anything to do with recommending David Laufman to represent Simpson.


That’s right. David Laufman offered to represent Simpson.

While digging for more information behind this allegation, I stumbled upon a brief report from Wayne Madison Reports (WMR).

WMR claims BILL CLINTON was behind the recommendation of Laufman.

Since the text is small and difficult to read, I have written out the entire report:

“Luskin is currently trying to protect Rove from a congressional probe into Rove’s back room deals in selectively and falsely getting US attorneys in Alabama to indict Siegelmann.

It was none other than Bill Clinton who recommended Bush family “clean up” man David Laufman to represent and influence the key witness against Rove, Alabama attorney and former GOP opposition research specialist Dana Jill Simpson…

On September 14, 2007, WMR reported: “Simpson, WMR has learned from knowledgeable sources, asked about having a Washington attorney represent her pro bono in a series of meetings with congressional committee, she was offered the services of Laufman by principals close to the

Siegelman defense. Parties involved with Sigeleman’s defense claimed that Laufman was recommended by President Bill Clinton.”

It now appears that Clinton was acting to protect Luskin’s client Rove from any fallout from the Siegelman case and the dual attorney pair of Luskin and Laufman could have buried the investigation of Siegelman prosecution.”

The implication here is that Laufman volunteered to represent Simpson in an effort to protect Rove and, ultimately, Bush at the expense of Simpson.

I considered reaching out to Simpson to ask her about the Laufman.

However, when I searched her name, I came across a GoFundMe page asking for help paying her medical bills (cancer). Maybe not the best time. ☹️

Rove eventually got a sweetheart deal that allowed him to testify behind closed doors and his testimony was not recorded, guaranteeing no legal consequences.

Obama clearly wanted to make sure no one from his administration would ever have to testify about allegations of criminal activity

Laufman returned to private practice in 2007.

He became a contributor at Huffington Post during this time period.

He’s apparently a big fan of the Showtime series Homeland. He wrote a preview of Season 3, including all major plot points, based on a “bootleg script.” 🤨


I’m not going to cover Laufman’s actions in the Clinton email investigation and Crossfire Hurricane.

A separate thread on Laufman is needed to cover: granting immunity to Obama administration officials, the softball interview with HRC, Assange immunity deal negotiations, the interview of PSS, etc.

In 2018, Laufman retired from the DOJ. The Washington Post said he was the target of the “far-right blogosphere.”

However, as you may have noticed, every source I used for this thread is left-of-center!


I had completely forgotten about Cernovich’s accusation that Laufman was the leaker until I started writing this thread.


Since leaving the DOJ, Laufman has represented Christine Blasey Ford during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. He’s currently a contributor at Lawfare and a commentator on MSNBC. 😬

Extremely intelligent and ruthless, Laufman is clearly the most competent DOJ/FBI official in the whole Russia investigation fiasco.

But in the end, he’s done more harm to the country than good. Sad.

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