Dear Raquel stans:
I love Raquel, i really do and i also think she deserves a better storyline but that doesnt mean that all of Andrés' flashbacks are unnecessary. Sergio & Martin, two of the Most important people in The second heist suffer through their loss. The plan wouldnt-
exist Without Andrés and Without Martin. We need flashbacks of Them to make us all understand The plan, to make us understand their reactions/their actions.
Sergio and Martin both get affected by Andrés' death. Its important to have flashbacks of him.
Without him The whole-
heist wouldnt exist.
Oh and: I get alvaro when He says He wants Sergio to be alone. Raquel atm only exists to be Sergios weakspot.
I Want Raquel to have her own storyline. I Want to See her grow.
I get when The writers struggle with keeping her in The Show sm.
They cant make a good functioning storyline for her wich doesnt have to do with Sergio in any way.
I Want them to be alone to see them both grow (and maybe bc I also Want to See them suffer a little More, but I Want that with everyone in Some way).
+Flashbacks are also-
important to Show The relationship between Marseille, Bogota, Berlin and Palermo.
They were Friends before, they still need to get includes More into The backstory. I Want to know how they Met each other. I Want to know that with every character, Not only them.
Flashbacks are amazing.
The flashbacks are normally someone thinking of that exact Situation, thats why we See them.
When Sergio "loses" Raquel, He Sees/hears His Brother again, because His Brother is a safespot for him. In Times of troubles He Trends to think of His big Brother
+Andrés/Martín flashbacks are Not The reason that raquels storyline is Shitty and doesnt Go forward.
Her screentime gets used for mostly Serquel.
----End of thread for now---
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