This Marathi board & temple prompted me do a little bit googling and this is what I found. Thread.
According to this reply to a Youtube video about Gajraj. Peta concocted a false story. They claimed that he couldn't walk for 7 min when he was walking for 3 hrs. Peta just like in case of Lakshmi the Puducherry elephant had LIED that Gajraj was made to beg.
Later, Peta talked to the royals, owner of Gajraj again & they agreed for his transfer with written assurance from wildlife SOS that they will take good care. Aundh people were deeply attached and tried hard to keep Gajraj alias Moti but it didn't work.
Video shows the pain and agony of Oundh people. They said they were prepared to do whatever was needed but in vain. Sadly Gajraj passed away just a couple of weeks ago.
On this facebook page you can find many links to Gajraj
Google search shows that there was a triumphant reporting by the leftist media when Gajraj was taken away.

From wildlife SOS YT channel it seems to be a place for white people to come & take photos. Like Peta
their activism also appears to be 5* with no bhartiya feeling to it.
NOW, Here is a link to wildlife cruelty act of 1960. Nowhere it ways that you can't keep an Elephant. All it says that they need to be looked after properly.
Peta is teaching about elephants to the civilisation that has domesticated elephants for thousands of years. Sadly our forest officers & ministers fall for their bullshit. On BJP minister Maneka Gandhi's orders Lakshmi was taken away in Puducherry.
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