First of all, I want to thank you all for your support for my seeds for sahel project.
I helped 16 small holders farmers in Togo, Mali and Senegal with 573,06 Euro.
The aim of the project is to support farmers and peasants in the frontline of climate change in the sahel region.
To give them hope and capacity to adapt to the climate change and fight against desertification, deforestation, food insecurity, poverty and terrorism. And with their own participation.
On July 22, I helped 2 farmers in Togo with 4 seeds. 3 carrots seeds and 1 pepper seeds.
The budget was 63,07 Euro for 4 seeds but I explained them that they also need to participate with 50 % of the budget so that I will help others with it. And then they add 31,53 Euro to my 31,53 Euro.
I am not giving the fish but the rod to catch.
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On 23 July, @SarrYero2 also help 5 small holders farmers in Senegal with 7 bags of fertilizers 1 bottle of phyto product. With a total of 230,76 Euro. And the farmers also participate with the half of the budget.
@TimChristo @FoodSystems @RobbieBisset @unepnyo @GCAdaptation
On 25 July @SeverinTogo with also the same budget of 230,76 Euro helped 9 small holders farmers in Mali. With 14 seeds. They also participated with the half of the total budget.
@CCNUCC @Z_Nouhou @BakerLackey @ClimateHuman @MikeHudema @cmfrick @MartinPopeUK @ExtinctionR
We have solutions to end conflicts in the sahel region in Africa. It's climate Action. We have solutions to stop hunger every where in the world, it's climate Action. No child should die of hunger any where in this world.
We have all resources to stop this shame.
Only 573,06 Euro help all this people but our leaders and the people in power are investing billions in weapons .
We need to stand against injustice globally.
@UN @Beccabluesky @antonioguterres @AlexSteffen @EricHolthaus
@PNyamrinda @SteveSilent @RobbieBisset @UNEP @stratkotter
And to thanks all those who are helping us we invest 80 euros in Kenya with @Monarijulius to plant trees.
We already planted 28 trees in Kenya.
Yes solutions exists.
You can have a look in our website 
We are still working to help more people.
You can follow @KaoHua3.
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