Huh. It occurs to me that covid 19, instead of being compared to the flu should be compared to polio.
Google informs me that 70-95% of polio is asymptomatic, that 5-25% experience mild or flu like symptoms, that it’s contagious as hell, and leaves .5-2% paralyzed with a (5-30)% of those paralyzed actually dying.

(Which is to say, I’ve looked at multiple websites, & data varies)
This is actually kinder stats than covid19, as far as I can tell, but I’ve never heard anyone dismiss polio as just another flu.

I knew two adults (as a kid) who were polio survivors with permanent paralysis. That’s plenty for an pre-Internet introverted kid.
Okay, since this mini thread seems to have grown legs, I want to carefully point out that while I believe that I’m right, this was all written at a fuzzy hour of the morning when I wasn’t caffeinated but have been in pretty high levels of pain for a few days.

So. I’m not an authority on this. Just have a health background and the ability to Google things.
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