I’m gonna be honest w/ y’all. I think Rashida is gonna beat Brenda. Nancy Pelosi just endorsed her ( I’m not about to throw shade at Nancy) & I was talking w/ my neighbor the other day when we were out getting our trash cans & she thinks Rashida will pull it out. I do too now
that we’re getting closer. I’m voting for Brenda, so are most of the ppl I’ve been able to talk to ( which isn’t many Bc of the pandemic); too many don’t want to “upset a sitting congresswoman” in case she wins and are either endorsing her or sitting out. The thing is after
Re-districting happens Brenda Lawerence and Rashida will probably have to against each other in the next election & Brenda Lawerence ( she’s my mother’s congresswoman) will easily beat Rashida. Brenda has A LOT of support & her district loves her. I don’t see Rashida winning
that race at all. Miracles do happen, and Brenda Jones has a lot of local support so we’ll see what happens but I’m trying to come to terms w/ the fact that she’s probably gonna win. I’m disappointed Bc, as most of You know, I don’t think she’s done a good job for our district
And choosing not to endorse Biden when he won our district by over 20 points & lying and claiming that her endorsement would be a issue here was not okay. She’s done everything she can to step on our will as Black voters. She did that when she booed Hillary wgi also won this
district by a lot. John Conyers, our former congressman and Civil Rights Icon, endorsed her. That “let’s gaze at some poor Black ppl Bernie“ tour she did was humiliating and degrading. She doesn’t listen to most of us and takes her cues from the white fauxgressives who fund her.
White fauxgressives politically gentrified us by flooding money to her campaign to dilute the voices of our Black candidates & she had just enough white gentrifiers to get her a very small ( 900 votes) win in a crowded primary. She lost the special election to Brenda & now Bc
Get out the vote efforts have been stifled due to the pandemic she will probably pull out another win. In 2022 if they try and run her against Brenda Lawerence after redistricting, she has ZERO chance of winning. None. Anyone who says she does doesn’t know this area at all.
Ok that’s all. I’m coming to terms w/ it myself but I wanted to let you all know where I honestly thought things stood on Tuesday. #BrendaJones2020 ✊🏾
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