3) ▶️On the nature of Ghariani-GNA-militia- #Turkey/ #Qatar vassal, aux relationship via Operation Dawn:
a. https://bit.ly/3fq7XZT 
b. https://bit.ly/3i33hev 

Maybe easier for observers to understand #Libya conflict clusters in terms of Dawn vs. Dignity.
Jan 2020 oil map:
4) "Another surprising person to find living in Britain is...Ghariani...alleged that he is using an internet channel to preach support for Libya Dawn-an Islamist militia trying to take over his native country that bears striking comparison to #Isil" #Libya https://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/11064265/A-severe-threat-calls-for-tough-action.html
6) Why blockade?Might⬇️be reasons worth mentioning?
1 Gross CBL corruption+Kabir fired twice
2 GNA blackmailing of eastern institutions
3 Expiry of GNA in 2017
4 Misappropriation of public funds to militias, SNA mercs, terror orgs, AKP regime than in turn attack the army
8) Kabir has been fired twice by the parliament. And yet forcibly remained as gov of CBL which funnelled public funds to #Tripoli+ #Misrata's militia cartels+ to #Turkey-evading audits and in flagrant violation of law and while #Libya|ns themselves lack access to basic services.
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