A background to the recent Haryana ‘cow vigilante’ case:

Last March, a high court judge noticed that in far too many cases in Nuh (Mewat), criminals had managed to flee after police caught them for cow trafficking/cow slaughter/illegal transportation of beef:

The court said:
For those who don’t know, this is how such criminals are caught:

Police get info from informers (many of them ‘gaurakshaks’) that a vehicle with X number is going towards X direction.

Police alert the nakas. When that vehicle is spotted, they chase it till they intercept it +
In many cases, criminals manage to escape with vehicle

In some cases, they escape but forced to leave vehicle behind

In only a few cases, they are caught with vehicle

In above 2 cases, police book accused under anti-cow slaughter act, as “unidentified” and “identified” resp
Statistics for Mewat b/w Nov 2015 (when “stringent” anti-cow slaughter came into force in Haryana) and March 2019

Total 792 FIRs
In only 96 cases, police managed to catch criminals on spot
Most shocking: only 13 cases went to court; NOT EVEN ONE was convicted

Court remarked:
Court asked DGP why such a ridiculous rate of acquittal?
He gave a report saying these are the prime reasons:

See point number 7.

This is why police immediately sent meat sample to lab in Gurgaon case. NDTV is criticising police for it
Much happened after that. Court pulled up police and Haryana govt. Govt further amended the act to “make it even more stringent”. Court appointed an Amicus Curiae, who called Nuh a “a paradise for beef traders” in his report.
See this except from his report:
Amicus Curiae recommended Haryana govt should restrict transport of cows between 7 am and 5 pm on lines of Gujarat.

Till date, it’s not been done. Haryana govt told court it was “in the process of finalization of some amendment”.

I am not sure anything has happened.
It’s for the state to deal with vigilantism. But evidently, it’s itself failing miserably at cracking down on beef trade which is a root problem. Police also liberally take help of ‘gaurakshaks’ who act as informers and even chase vehicles, only to throw them under the bus later
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