Your much beloved Dr Aisha @Aisha_must_sayz, who supposedly died of COVID-19 seems a planned Deep State PR, a non-real account. Maybe they killed someone, maybe they didn't. But it's purposeful account, with non-genuine tweets and strange timings. Let me explain what I mean.
First of all, this account is created in October 2019. If you have been following and analysing the COVID-19 NWO military scamdemic, then you know that October 2019 is special. Two things happened on the same day:
1) Event 201
2) 2019 Military World Games at Wuhan.
If u haven't been carefully following the COVID-19 scamdemic and lesser-known info about it which show Western military agenda,please go through this thread first.First tweet is speculative (proven soon),but what follows is solid info with reference links
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