Sources : Highhanded police brutality by Chennai City Police.

One Srinivasan, a painter had not paid rent for the past three months to his house owner Rajendran, an ADMK functionary. 1/n
Following the complaint of ADMK functionary Rajendran, Puzhal Police Station Inspector Sam Benson, on 1 August 2020 at 1900 hrs, barged into the house of painter Srinivasan, beaten him black and blue in front of his wife and two girl children. 2/n
Unable to bear the humiliation, Srinivasan, a dalit by community self-immolated and suffered 86% burns.

At present Srinivasan is undergoing treatment in Government KMC hospital and sources in KMC say, he is unlikely to survive due to 86% burns. 3/n
Due to the pandemic and lockdown, 95% of unorganized sector people are suffering without income for the past 5 months. Even the government has advised house owners not to pester tenants for rent. 4/n
However, Chennai City Police officials have thought it fit to interfere in a civil matter and beat up an unemployed tenant before his family. 5/n
Kindly recall, the same Chennai City Police has turned a Nelson’s eye on the disgusting behaviour of ‘peeing medico’ Dr Subbiah, who peed on his neighbour’s door for a simple parking space dispute. 6/n
And also recall, how ADMK Ministers interfered and ensured that a lumpen, known for his disgusting behaviour was let off without being arrested. 7/7
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