#Yeri’s Collaboration project with Wooseok and Ravi is coming up soon!

Here are some things you can do to prepare for the release of “Sorrow” on August 7th KST. RT AND SHARE

🦄 As a way to spread awareness for the collaboration we have come up with a unique DN.
Please use ‘애상’ (Korean Title of #Yeri’s collab song ‘Sorrow’) in your display names! We can begin to gather interest this way.

#REDVELVET @RVsmtown #Yeri
🦄 Brush up on your streaming methods! Below we will put the streaming guide we used for ‘Monster’ just last month!

Please review and have your accounts ready for August 7th!

#RedVelvet @RVsmtown #YERI
🦄 Buy the song on iTunes and stream the song on Spotify! We want to chart as high as possible in as many countries! So please buy the song as soon as it is released to increase chart rankings and numbers

🦄 Search Hype: Search for these keywords on MelOn and Naver (or any other Korean websites) before and after the song is released!

- 애상
- Sorrow
- 예리
- 레드벨벳/ Red Velvet

🔍 http://melon.com  / http://naver.com 

@RVsmtown #RedVelvet #YERI
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