Gulf supporting Mew 🥰🥰

A beautiful thread 💙♥️🌼

(I did my best to find as many as I could, don't scream at me if I missed something 😅🙏🏻)

I'll do Mew supporting Gulf later ♥️
Gulf has been really supportive of Mew since the beginning ♥️
On Mew's graduation day, Gulf spent the day beside him, helping him with his make up and hair, and giving him some air with a tiny fan 😋
While filming TharnType the Series, Mew's character Tharn, had to go through a lot of strong emotions in the last part of the series. He cried so much while filming and he relied on Gulf for emotional support every time 😭😭
When they won "Best Kiss Award" on LINE TV Awards 2020, Mew felt extremely emotional afterwards. Gulf was standing next to him the whole time, checking on him and caressing his back as an emotional support 🥺
When Mew started feeling bad at an event, Gulf was showing a worried expression all the time. He was checking on Mew constantly, trying to lift his mood and make him laugh. After that, he told Mew he should get check and even went to the hospital to see him ♥️
At Mew Special Hour, Mew felt nervous about singing and playing piano live for all the fans, so Gulf asked the staff to allow him to sit next to Mew to give him some reassurance. He sat there all the song, looking at Mew 🥰
At TharnType's fanmeet, Mew felt emotional once again and told Gulf that he was grateful for meeting him. After that he told Gulf he loved him 😭
Gulf hugged him and caressed him the whole time, even whispered to him what we all know were the words Mew needed to hear 😊
At Mew's birthday, Gulf had a solo event until late, but he didn't care and went straight to Mew's house to give him a surprise 🥺
He bought his favorite salmon sashimi cake and a balloon 😍
He didn't even changed his clothes... 😭
After Mew's birthday, they went to do merits together. Gulf once again surprised him with a cake for his birthday 🌼
Gulf stood by his side the whole day 🥰
When Mew opened MewSuppasitStudio, Gulf sent him a bouquet of roses to congratulate him 🥀
When Gulf bought him a bunny doll thinking it was cute and gave it to Mew 🐇
(Still waiting for the bunny princess tho 😂)
Finally, when Mew released his first single, Gulf was there too. With another flower bouquet 🥀🥀
Baby is always gonna be there for Mew 🥺♥️
Gulf went to a program by himself, where he made a little clay elephant. Later, at an event Gulf gifted that little elephant to Mew.
Mew was beyond surprised, but I think this little details make him happy 🐘
Also, with only weeks of knowing each other, Gulf made a video congratulating Mew for his birthday holding a panda pushie 🌼🐼
Translation: BB_Sstar
As with all Mew's special and meaningful days, Gulf went to Mew's first music showcase. He appeared in the second part of the show carrying a bouquet with flowers. He once again said, he will always support and be by Mew's side while he grows in his career.
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