If you are interested in buying SpaceX shares in their next funding round *and* you have investments/cash of *atleast* $1M, please respond if you are interested in partnering with me in creating a company exclusively for buying SpaceX shares. Please help spread the word🙏🏻
A Qualified Purchaser is an investor with at least $5 million in investments or a company with at least $25 million in investments
Since I do not have $5 million investments I’m trying to create a company that has at least $25 in investments so that I along with my partners can invest in SpaceX.
Once such a company is created we can open an account with http://forgeglobal.com  in the name of the said company. All the investors in the said company will pool in money to buy SpaceX shares which will then be held in the name of the company.
After SpaceX IPO, the shares will be transferred to the said company which will then be transferred to the investors in the company based on their individual contributions
The initial investments/cash pooled in by the individual investors will be held in a brokerage account in the name of the company. Once the SpaceX shares are acquired through http://forgeglobal.com , these investments can be transferred back to the individual investors
At this point in time, I'm only looking for partners who can bring in at least $1M in investments to keep the number of partners as low as possible.
So if you're interested you should be ready and willing to share screenshots/docs showing at least $1M in investments and be ready and willing to transfer at least $1M in investments/cash to the company account.
If 20 of us get together and put $100K each, then that’s $2M. So even if you, as an individual, have $5M in investments, it is better to join us as http://forgeglobal.com  would prioritize us over an individual willing to buy just $100K worth of SpaceX shares.
Note that the requirement for the company is $25M investments. Not just cash or stocks. Could be anything shown here: https://twitter.com/AlternateJones/status/1289789105916674048?s=20
In order to meet the threshold of $25M, the partners would transfer their investments (of at least $1M) to the company. Once the SpaceX shares are acquired (with additional capital from each investor), the company would return the individual investments to the partners.
We will open a custodian account in the name of the LLC. All the shares and cash will be transferred to that account.
$100K is the minimum SpaceX investment expected from each partner.
The SpaceX shares acquired via the LLC cannot be sold until the lockup period ( typically 6 months; determined by SpaceX ) expires after the IPO.
Once you have expressed interest, shared screenshots and we are ready to proceed we shall share all documents and details of the LLC (operation agreement et al)
We don’t have a timeline for the LLC yet. We are currently gauging interest. Once we have serious investors to exceed the threshold of $25M, we will begin the process of creating the LLC.
Received confirmation from Forge Global that they closed a SpaceX funding round last week. Their fees were 7.5% as they had to go through a partner fund. They currently do not have any line of sight on when the next SpaceX round would occur.
Per Forge Global, SpaceX funding rounds typically allow only 3 - 4 days for interested entities to wire funds. Once wired, they would acquire the shares and share transaction documents and trade confirmations. The share custodian would be specific to the structure of the round.
We will now begin the process of creating the LLC so that we are all ready well before the next SpaceX funding round.
So far, I have received interests worth ~$12M in SpaceX and ~$32M in funds to meet the threshold. If you are still interested, feel free to reach out so that we can include you if any of the existing folks decide to sit out.
Forge Global has confirmed that they are not going to validate if our entity has $25M in investments in the company account. They would rely on self-attestation and it is up to the LLC to ensure compliance.
Looking to hire an exceptional securities attorney to confirm if we could let the deposits remain in the individual accounts and at the same time comply with all laws and regulations while meeting the threshold of $25M. If you know anyone, please let me now🙏
Heard back from a securities attorney. Looks like good news! Digging further...
JTBC: Once Forge Global notifies the LLC that SpaceX has started a funding round, the LLC will issue a capital call to all partners (individual investors). Each investor then wires cash to the custodian account belonging to the LLC which will then be wired to Forge Global.
An experienced securities attorney has confirmed that it is possible to transfer the ownership of individual accounts to the LLC to meet the threshold so there would not be any need to liquidate positions or transfer securities from individual investor accounts to the LLC.
Once the SpaceX shares are allocated to the LLC, the LLC would revert the ownership of all those accounts.
The LLC does not intend to share any profit made on the SpaceX investment by the individual investors just like it would not share any loss made on them.
All partners would be expected to pay an equal share of all legal, accounting, reporting, compliance & auditing (if any) and tax returns fees.
SpaceX has a historical precedent of raising capital at least once every year. So as soon as ForgeGlobal confirms the selection of our LLC and we receive all trade documents and confirmations, the LLC would revert the individual account ownerships immediately.
So far, I have received interests worth ~$24M in SpaceX and ~$63M in funds to meet the threshold. If you are still interested, feel free to reach out so that we can include you if any of the existing folks decide to sit out.
The goal now is to keep going as high as possible ( even $100M ) until @elonmusk notices and allows our LLC to invest directly. 🤞

Please reach out to me, if you have $1M in investments that you can transfer to the LLC. Please spread the word. 🙏
Real estate investments are not eligible for meeting the $1M threshold due to complications in transferring ownership.
We have now received interests worth ~$30M in SpaceX investments and ~$85M in funds to meet the threshold. If you are still interested, feel free to reach out so that we can include you if any of the existing folks decide to sit out.
To be fair to all existing partners, who are bringing in atleast $1M in investments, every new partner must bring in $1M too.

We understand that there are many folks who are equally passionate about SpaceX as we are, and cannot make the cut. An IPO is the only option for them.
We have now received interests worth ~$31M in SpaceX investments and ~$95M in funds to meet the threshold. If you are still interested, feel free to reach out so that we can include you if any of the existing folks decide to sit out.
To be clear: My only objective, here, is to invest in SpaceX. Since I do not know of any other alternative, I am doing this so that all the partners can help each other in achieving a common goal. If you discover an easier method, please let me know.
We now have more than 40 people with almost $100 million in assets planning to invest $32 million in SpaceX. If anybody can help us reach Elon Musk directly, we will give them an opportunity to be part of us even if they don’t have $1 million in investments. Ready?
Just emailed SpaceX sales as I don't have the email ID of their investor relations team. If you have it, please let me know.
Just emailed SpaceX support and what appears to be Elon's SpaceX email ID 🤞
If we are not able to reach out to Elon Musk and have to go via Forge Global, the partners will no longer have to transfer their investments to the LLC as the $32 million in cash that we collectively plan to use for buying SpaceX shares can be used to meet the $25M threshold!
Since there’s no longer a $1 million investment threshold, if you are able and willing to buy at least $250,000 in SpaceX shares, you are welcome to reach out to me.
I will be charging 3.5% of the SpaceX Investment for creating the company and for bringing all the investors together to meet the $25 million threshold. Forge Global would be charging an additional 5% of the total SpaceX investment as their fees. These are one-time fees.
In addition, all partners would be expected to pay an equal share of all legal, accounting, reporting, compliance & auditing (if any) and tax returns fees.

The LLC does not intend to share any profit from the SpaceX investment made by the individual investors.
Initially, I just wanted to invest along with my partners and I did not have any plans to charge anything. But this is now taking a lot of my time as I have to talk to a lot of investors and answer a lot of questions before they become comfortable in joining us.
Also I need to take care of due diligence, legal, compliance, accounting, taxation and audit. There’s a lot more than meets the eye!
We have now received interests of ~$36M in cash, to invest in SpaceX so the individual investors would no longer need to transfer any investments to the LLC as we can use the cash to meet the "Qualified Purchaser" ($25M) requirement so that should simplify everything considerably
$250K is now the minimum SpaceX investment expected from each partner.
SpaceX is currently valued at $46B
I think SpaceX can easily be a $10T company. Not financial advice.
The LLC will have no provisions to liquidate or trade the SpaceX shares until IPO under any circumstances (death, World war III et al). So, this could be one of the longest lock-ins in investing history. If you’re not prepared for that, this opportunity is not for you.
~50 people have shown interest so far by sharing screenshots showing at least $250K in cash or equivalents and have shared their email address with me. We plan to email everyone once we have all the finer details ready.
50 people have committed to at least $250,000. Out of which at least 12 folks are investing > $1M each.
The only reason we are meeting the threshold of $25M (without the legally cumbersome route of transferring individual investments to the LLC) is bcoz of the large investments by these folks. To be respectful to their contributions, we have decided to stick to $250K as the minimum
Initial emails to all investors were just sent out. Please check your inbox!
I was looking for a one-point contact for managing all legal, banking, compliance, auditing, accounting, taxation, and any other issues that might crop up and found one today! They have clients who have closed funding rounds totaling billions.
There would only be 3 documents involved: LLC operating agreement, subscription agreement, and a private placement memorandum (which is simply a disclosure about the risks involved in investing in private equity)
They would just charge a one-time fee of $12.5K and then every investor would have to pay Blue Sky filing fees ($0 - $600 depending on their state). These are one-time fees. They would take care of all filings and payments.
The LLC would be incorporated in the U.S state of Delaware. Only the LLC name and total amount invested by the LLC would be public. None of the personal details of any of the investors would be publicly known. None of the individual investors would have to know each other.
I would be the fund manager and my real identity would be known only to the LLC partners/investors.
There are no restrictions on the country of citizenship or residency of individual investors as long as the country is not facing any economic sanctions by the United States.
The Blue Sky filing fees are per state and not per investor. So if all investors are from the same state, we just pay one fee.
Forge Global has confirmed that they do not charge any other management or annual/carry fees or any percentage of the profits other than the one-time fee.
We are now waiting for either of the following two possibilities:

1. A SpaceX funding round in which Forge is an intermediary.

2. Elon noticing this thread and allowing our LLC to invest directly (moonshot)
Sample LLC docs were emailed out to all investors today. Please check your inbox!
As of now, we have investors from the following countries:

USA 41
France 1
Germany 2
Canada 2
Hong Kong 2
Thailand 1
Israel 1
Australia 1
Cayman Islands & Panama 1
Singapore 1
The Netherlands 1
United Kingdom 1
Heard back from SharesPost. They still need more time. Had introductory calls with EquityZen & MicroVentures. Awaiting response.
If you are an accredited investor (with atleast $1M in assets), want to join us and can invest at least US$250,000 please email spacex @ thinkindecades . com
If you're unable to invest in SpaceX but can invest at least $100K in Neuralink or The Boring Company and you're an accredited investor, please email neuralink @ thinkindecades . com or tbc @ thinkindecades . com as we might invest in them as well.
An update was emailed to all existing investors. Please check your inbox!
Finally found an intermediary with enough SpaceX inventory. Their SpaceX share price quote is $350 at ~$55B valuation. No carry or any other fees as we think they have baked everything into the share price.
Please respond ASAP if you're interested in proceeding further as this is extremely time sensitive given the size of our investment.
Was able to negotiate the price down to $340.
Just confirmed that the intermediary is listed on the http://sec.gov  site which validates their legitimacy to a large extent.
Was able to further negotiate the price down to $330. Awaiting more details about the seller before proceeding further.
Currently in advanced stages of due diligence. Awaiting credible proof of SpaceX inventory before committing to the deal.
. https://twitter.com/alternatejones/status/1312123273447002112
. https://twitter.com/AlternateJones/status/1312186297868451841
Found issues during final due diligence. Moving ahead with another well-known solid intermediary.
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