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#Thread on origin of #Ganga & significance

Lord #Shiva is also known as #Gangadharaya that means
holding ma Ganga in his matted hairlock

Amongst many beliefs/legends in ancient scriptures on Ganga, the most popular one relates to Bhagirath, son of....
Survanshi king Dilipa who performed severe penances to bring river Ganga to earth from the heaven as only she could bestow nirvana to his ancestors who were burnt to ashes because of sage Kapil’s curse.

Lord Brahma pleased with him granted his wish but to sustain.....
huge force of descent of Ganga, Bhagirath further prayed to lord Shiva to channelise the flow through his jata (hair lock). Since Bhagirath brought Ganga to Earth (place is Gangotri), the headstream of river is known as Bhagirathi till it meets Alaknanda River at Devprayag

Anything that is turbulent/uncontrollable can be brought under control by Lord Shiva. Every restless being becomes peaceful, calm and tranquil under his wings. He is the Lord who can channelise tremendous energy in the right constructive path
The holy Ganges represents purity. So Lord Shiva is the source of all purity that exists on earth. He absorbs all the negativety and lets purity flow everywhere

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