My FamilyTree genealogy-DNA results:

54% Asia Minor & Caucasia (Anatolia-Armenia)
16% Southeast Europe (Greece-Italy-Balkan+)
16% West & Central Europe (Italy, France+)
6% West Middle East (Israel, Lebanon)
3% East Europe
3% North Asia
2% “DNA echoes”
Why a genealogical DNA test? Because it helps you better understand your family history and origins, particularly if you come from a country where there is a state historiography that denies all ethnic backgrounds but the titular ethnic nation.
Turkish historiography is an instrument of an ultranationalist state being utilized to help assimilate the “others” as part of a racist state doctrine committing “ethnic cleansing” in the last 100 years. This is why DNA based genealogy studies are prohibited in current Turkey.
My family has Greek-Cretan and Jewish origins that have not only been outspoken but also carefully and cautiously suppressed as a dangerous tabu over decades due to the hostile environment in our country. We are not an exception. This is a very Turkey-specific phenomenon.
I publicly criticize this racist Turkish nationalism based on this historiography and all the policies being derived from it that are violating multiple human rights connected with it.
I’m proud of my Anatolian and all other heritage and of all my ancestors whose DNA my kids and I share. No ethnic or racial background is superior or inferior to others. And all human beings have the right to publicly identify themselves with their heritage.
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