Although @kuusevana is the only bot that we've found that seeks out and retweets tweets containing #ArrestBillGates, many of the #ArrestBillGates tweets it retweets get retweeted by other automated accounts based on other criteria. #FishingForRobots

cc: @ZellaQuixote
We found 28 automated accounts that retweeted one of the #ArrestBillGates tweets retweeted by @kuusevana over the last two months. Three are familiar right-wing retweet bots: @BWaveResist2020, @NewsLinksNet, and the ever-spamtastic @ImmoralReport.
Next, we looked at the tweets retweeted by these bots to attempt to determine the words, phrases, or hashtags that cause them to retweet a tweet. Based on the triggers, not all of the bots are political - #COVID19 and technology-themed retweet bots show up prominently as well.
Unsurprisingly given the diversity of trigger words/hashtags, these bots retweet a wide variety of content. Despite this, they all ended up retweeting #ArrestBillGates tweets, frequently due to the presence of a word that has nothing to do with arresting Bill Gates.
Finally (for now), we had @DrunkAlexJones post a bot tweet containing the words/hashtags that trigger the bots discussed in this thread. Thus far 10 automated accounts have answered the siren song.
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