A personal therapist is not allowed :

1) to make a diagnosis without psychiatrist

2) to give details of a patient's illness out in the open like this without proof. Ex: we give full details to court under oath not just diagnosis

3) to defame a person who cannot protect himself https://twitter.com/BDUTT/status/1289601639448317954
It looks like an attack on a dead person who cannot come out in the open to defend himself.

Not expected from a respected & seasoned journalist like Barkha. Unable to get over this publishing of patient information

Patient details cannot be put out in public like this... period
No one from medical fraternity is allowed to talk about a patient, we are to keep the information of all patients a secret.

It can only be brought out under oath in a court. It is not for public consumption.

Sushant Singh Rajput's parents should file defamation immediately

These tweets are from "Medical & procedural standpoint" & myself as a doctor with over 2 decades of experience know it is inappropriate for any medical practitioner to divulge medical condition out in public

This tweet is not a opinion to establish right or wrong
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