We are in the middle of the worst pandemic we’ve seen, and government took a recess without making any sort of deal to protect the citizens. We should be storming DC on behalf of everyone who is going hungry and losing their home.
Because someone got pissy on here, no one HAS to do ANYTHING they don’t want to do. If you have an issue with me saying we should protest, storm, start fires, or strike, use that energy to do what you feel is right. Criticism is one thing. Talking shit is another 🤷🏽‍♀️
Not everyone is able to protest/riot, but we are able to support the ones who can, be it with food/water/shelter/money/ or even emotional support, keeping people aware online, there are LOTS OF THINGS WE CAN DO. If we can organize, we can determine what roles we are able to play
We can decide, hey I belong on the frontlines, I enjoy starting fires, I’m a great organizer, I have a huge house and I can shelter people, I have money in the bank and I can donate, I have time and energy so I can head to DC, I can scream support on Twitter, everyone can find a
job in this revolution
We need to divest. That’s the thing. We need to start being able to rely on each other. Form communal groups, make it harder for them to control us.
Divesting, rioting. These are our answers.
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