One state doing VERY badly but has received little attention is Mississippi.

MS has the 2nd highest # of new cases / capita, just behind Florida -- but MS is going up while FL is slowly inching down.

But the story here is much worse.

First, data. Compared to two weeks ago


Testing is DOWN 8%

Cases UP 37%

So that means test positivity is up. Way up. Actually highest in the nation at 22%.

Hospitalizations are up

Daily death toll up nearly 2X in past 2 weeks

You get the picture


Much of Mississippi remains open

Bars, restaurants are open with only modest limits

Retail largely open

No statewide mask mandate (but do for many counties)

Many schools are struggling to figure out how to open

Mississippi will become nation's #1 in new cases/pop

Already #1 on test +

Can't open schools now. They'll just shut down

If MS wants kids in school, recipe known

Stop indoor dining/bars/gyms
Statewide masking
Fix testing

Then, may be, kids can go to school safely. Later

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