am bored so am gonna be making a kpop opinion thread on different groups & solo artists. don't really care if i get any hate for btw 💗
iu? bitch, that girl is talented. she's ethereal. her voice is heavenly good. almost like an angel. go stream all her songs, especially the ballad ones.
exo? toptier vocals. toptier visuals. toptier in all forms. revived alot of things in kpop scene yet humble kings.
blackpink? dont get me started. these girls arent the next 2ne1. they're THE blackpink. talents? check! aura? check! visuals? check!
redvelvet? CONCEPT QUEENS. throw them anything, theyll turn it into gold. also, not the next snsd. they're THE redvelvet. toptier vocals too!
hwasa? this girl is on fire. unbothered. stream maria! standard in beauty? she's the standard!
chungha? bops after bops. her aura is everything.🤩
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