It's the beginning of a new month & the perfect time to join my Patreon: 

Supporting me on Patreon means free maps for the TTRPG community to download & use in their home campaigns! Yes, FREE! My patrons pool together to help others enjoy the game!
But there's oodles of perks for being a patron beyond just helping others get fun maps to explore...

I offer a full cartography course that shows you how I make both digital & physical maps, including tutorials on world building & prop making: 
PLUS patrons get exclusives from me like engraved wooden badges, birthday dice vaults, handmade cards, B20 pins, & holiday ornaments! They also get news of new stuff first, including upcoming projects!
PLUS there's an AMAZING Discord community where we have livestreams, gaming, giveaways, contests, birthday celebrations, gift giving during the holidays, Thursday night CR live viewing, spontaneous tea parties, dragons running lose & SSSSSOOOOOO much more!
PLUS being a patron of mine is the only way to get a map commissioned from me when my queue opens again. (Starting with the highest level patrons who have been when me the longest & working my way through the tiers.)
Seriously, I don't know how much more I can cram into the perks but I'm always looking for new things to add! If you can't be a patron now, please RT the first post of this thread. If you're already a patron, please consider sharing & telling people if you enjoy the perks!
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