Late night thoughts but after revisiting Wano and WCI, I noticed that the general "decline" in enjoyment of one piece might be because of the change in era, rather than a change in Oda. Story telling in manga has changed drastically over the last 20 years, but Oda didn't
When I look at the other shows in Jump, I noticed that generally they have MUCH less plotlines than Oda does. At most at any given moment they have about 3 running scenes. The goal is very concise and simple usually. Oda can have up to 7 scenes ongoing at once
When I take a step back and look at the current arcs, there isn't MUCH difference from like enies lobby, marineford, Skypeia, etc. And we generally all loved those arcs, but we look at things now it FEELS like more of a clusterfuck, but it really isn't
It's all the OTHER shows that became LESS of a clusterfuck and very straight to the point. The overflow of shows made it you have grab the viewers attention ASAP. Give them fulfilment in 1-2 episodes otherwise you lose the viewer. Light Novels even made their TITLES as synopsis
This is similar with demon slayer and how It has very short arcs, quick development and insane pace. Ended in 200 chaps, a very short run imo relative to previous shonen. Oda's writing is reminiscent of Akira toriyama and Togashi's era more, where there wasn't AS much pressure
And the reason why Oda has continued like this uninterrupted, is because he's Oda. Shonen Jump can't tell him to CHANGE, it's how he's always been. That's why I feel like the "One Piece is too long" argument is fairly new, I barely ever heard it 5-6 years ago
TLDR OnePiece hasn't deteriorated, but the people and environment around it changed. Older people fall out of it because its "childish" (they just grew out of it) and new fans can't get into it because its gruesomely slow plot is unattractive, unlike KNY, MHA, and so on
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