I first saw the cute autistic girl when an autistic man challenged her diagnosis based on acting

I openly challenged him on judgements based on his perceptions

He isn’t an incel, he was being sexist. This isn’t just about incels it’s about identity
A lot of low support needs Autistic men value their autistic identity very greatly, this is tied in with Aspergers mythos of the autistic man as the innovative scientist or engineer
When creating the diagnosis Hans identified some autistic people as a version of the ubermensch

A Superman with unrivalled powers of rationality, intellect, and memory recollection

It’s Nazi ideology and is designed to seperate the “weak” from the “strong” autistics
When gen Y/millennial autistics recieved this diagnosis they were presented with an ideological trap to see themselves as better than the other autistics

Much of popular media has used this mythos to try and create an engaging story reinforcing these ideas
The misinformation about different types of autism combined with the self-fulfilling prophesy of using mostly white middle class boys for sample construction provided pseudoscientific rationale for their identity
Before the rise of modern incel ideology this mythos created the autistic supremacy ideology

That autistic people have always been the most important and innovative in society, again going back to the ubermensch mythos
The misconceptions about women not being autistic are pretty mainstream and not directly from inceldom

Autistic men see autistic women attracting others and feel jealousy, I have felt that jealousy before

The popular conceptions of an attractive man don’t do us any favours
For many men who don’t make an active effort to listen to women about their experiences it’s easy to attack women motivated by this jealousy

Autism is generally potrayed as unattractive in media and it’s perceived as mostly or completely male

This gives men ammunition for abuse
When I listen to autistic women talk about autistic men and observe I see a lot of autistic men are really unchallenged in the ways they are personally misogynistic

For protection autistic women in the community have to make sometimes daily decisions on who is a “good man”
Autistic men are raised in much of the same manner as other men just with a bit more isolation and rejection from society

There’s a lot of ways in which the Aspergers mythos has permitted the autistic community to excuse gatekeeping, and it has to stop
I had a mutual in DMs openly identify me as one of the “good men”

The society in which I was raised taught me very toxic ideas about women, in some ways I understand and some I don’t

This is a problem for almost every man

There is no “good man” just ones working to improve
I think we would be shortsighted to blame these men’s reactions on the incel ideology, it’s too much credit to them and not enough to patriarchy and Hans Aspergers
Going forward I would like to see advocates work hard to identify when Asperger ideology is influencing them and people around them

Also if you are still using it as identity I am slowly growing less tolerant towards it, those who use it are often ignorant to larger disability
For Autistic men I really suggest owning up to the ways you view women and work to put yourselves in their shoes

actively listen to women without offering a response or correction

I will be the first to admit that sometimes I objectify or infantilize women and I apologize
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