There's a special kind of sadness/alienation in having grown up in a Christian family, and then attending bible college, and then being super involved in a church for almost two decades . . . and then having so many of the people I've known the longest lose their minds to Q-Anon.
Family members. College roommates. People who came to my baby showers and adoption cereomonies. The people who I did church with, and did playdates with. Bridesmaids. Small group members. Whole swaths of my former life and community under this spell.
And ya'll, I can live with A LOT of tension or disagreement in my friendships. I have lots of friends with very different views from my own. But I can't with Q-Anon. I really can't. It's a friendship ruiner for me. It's just steeped in toxicity that takes over personalities.
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