It's 8/1/20-95 Days to go. This country is a mess and there's SO MUCH WORK TO DO until Election Day.

Time to FOCUS on what we need to do. VOTE. BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

Check out your registration & other important stuff @WhenWeAllVote 
We HAVE to flip the Senate in 2020. It's as important as winning the Presidency. Remember what they did to President Obama?!

Yeah, so let's do this. The polls are showing some close races that "shouldn't" have been close. But polling isn't everything.

This is the most recent information as of 8/1 of Democratic nominees that NEED OUR HELP.

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Check websites to see what you can do besides donate as well.
By the way, this is in alphabetical order.

Dems need to keep the House, keep Doug Jones in AL and have FOUR MORE seats flipped Democratic.

Don't let anyone tell you it's not possible after what's been going on.


Let's get cracking!
First up, ALABAMA - the DEMOCRATIC INCUMBENT (never gets old), DOUG JONES ( @DougJones)!

This man worked hard, Black Women worked harder to get him in office and he recognizes it at every turn.

It's a vulnerable seat we NEED to keep, so how do we do it? 
ARIZONA: MARK KELLY ( @CaptMarkKelly ) faces an incumbent that was appointed even though she lost the other seat initially. AZ told her NO once, let's help them say it again: 
GEORGIA! We have TWO CHANCES against TWO Corrupptttttttt Republican Incumbents.

Let's start with someone we know and love who's unafraid to step in, Everyone give it up for Jon Ossoff ( @ossoff) who is taking on Perdue. 

Reverend Raphael Warnock ( @ReverendWarnock) is ready to LEAD and do so with some SENSE and without the corruption of Kelly Loeffler.

Let's help him get to the Senate this year, so Kelly can go to prison! 

Theresa Greenfield ( @greenfieldiowa) is going against Joni Ernst who is a hot mess - to put it kindly.

Let's help Iowans get Theresa to the Senate: 

Look, I like Turtles.

But not Mitch. AMY MCGRATH ( @AmyMcGrathKY) is a real threat. Let's make her more than a threat, and a great promise to remove him and represent Kentucky better. 

LAWD, the Republicans released an ad that said how bad SARA GIDEON ( @SaraGideon) is because she actually wants to help her people with multiple issues. lol versus the perpetually concerned Susan Collins.

Let's relieve Susan's concerns 

We don't hear much from this state, except...well, you know what just happened there.

Let's flip the seat! Our Democratic nominee is Abby Broyles ( @abbybroyles) let's help her win against creaton Jim Inhofe! 


JAIME HARRISON ( @harrisonjaime) is not only running his race, but mutli-tasking by helping his fellow nominees in other states. We NEED him to replace Lindsey Graham STAT. Let's help 
As an aside:

We've only had 2 Black Women in the Senate.

In 2022, I'd like to see Black Women running for and winning Senate Seats.

That's all.
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