We teach our children how to deal with success but we rarely speak to them about failure and how to deal with it. We don't see parents sitting down wid their children saying - "look child, you will FAIL a lot of times in life, at a lot of things and it's okay to fail."
We don't have that conversation with children where we should be normalising failure as an inevitable part of life... We set difficult goals for children even though we know they have a high possibility of failing at them... And they do and then they blame themselves..
After the child or teenager fails at something in life - be it education, sports or maybe relationship, they have a hard time accepting that defeat and are unable to move on.. They are then traumatised for life and stuck in the past with that failure.
We are strange people.. We evaluate the performance of fish by their ability to climb trees and birds by their ability to swim in the ocean and then judge them accordingly and let society judge them too.
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