CubaBrief: Human Rights Watch denounces rights violations against Cubans trying to protest the killing of a young black man in Cuba in June 2020 by police 1/
On June 24, 2020 in Guanabacoa, Cuba an unarmed 27 year old Black Cuban, Hansel E. Hernández was shot in the back and killed by the police. 2/
On June 25, a woman posted on Facebook a photo of the dead Black youth who, she said, had been the victim of the national revolutionary police a day earlier. 7/
The Progressive, a magazine founded in 1909 in Wisconsin, on June 18th published "Foreign Correspondent: Police Lessons From Cuba" that claims "Contrary to the image of brutal & repressive communists, police in Cuba offer an instructive example for activists in the US." 15/
The Cuban attorney added "that if the intent of the publication is to defame police actions, it is an administrative violation, which is subject to a fine, b/c it violates Decree-Law 370 passed in 2018, by the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications." 21/
Professor August Nimtz in a July 7, 2020 webinar titled "Why there are no George Floyds in Cuba" excused the killing of Hansel by Castro's Police as a "rare and unusual" event, claiming that it "was being exploited by Cuba's opponents to incite division on the island." 22/
... Opal Tometi, one of the founders of BLM, was photographed together with Nicolas Maduro a year earlier on September 29, 2015 after honoring the Venezuelan strong man at an event in Harlem. 28/
Bassil Alejandro Da Costa was shot in the head in Caracas on February 12, 2014 from shots fired by a group of police men and his killing was captured from different angles on three different cameras. 31/
Another of these martyred students was Geraldine Moreno, who was shot in the head repeatedly with buckshot on February 19, 2014 by Maduro's national guard in Venezuela while taking part in a non-violent protest. 33/
If the BLM movement which has achieved an int'l dimension is about curtailing police killing black people then why would Opal Tometi honor the strongman overseeing the police force with the 2nd highest number of police killings in the world & also kills unarmed black people? 36/
It is important to remember that the Civil Rights Movement in the US that counted among its leaders MLK Jr. & the recently passed John Lewis advocated non-violent change to enforce the provisions of equality found in the Declaration of Independence & the U.S. Constitution. 40/
Congressman @MarioDB on Jan 22, 2015 tweeted the image of American civil rights icon @RepJohnLewis seated at a table with Cuban dissidents, Jorge Luis García Pérez Antúnez & Yris Tamara Pérez Aguilera, remarking "What a historic moment: 3 civil & human rights heroes meeting." 42/
On June 8, 2020 @facecuba, a Cuban exile organization founded in 1982, had a statement published in @MiamiHerald in which they declared their "solidarity with the African-American community of Miami over the murder of George Floyd in MN while unarmed & not resisting arrest." 43/
"It is additionally important for us, freedom-loving members of the Miami community to join in denouncing the violations of Floyd’s civil rights by police, members of an institution that should protect life and liberty & not to deprive a citizen of them. We grieve with you." 44/
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