1. download idolchamp from the app store
2. click on the vote tab and scroll until you see the "MV Promotion" page. click on that.
3. click on the heart button to vote for inception! you can vote up to 30 times a day. in order to vote you need chamsim, which you can earn through taking quizzes.
4. you can find the quizzes page by following the steps shown. @onlyquizanswers provides all the answers to these quizzes, making it super easy to earn chamsim!
5. once you have earned enough chamsim, you can go back and vote for our boys on both the "MV Promotion" and the [ShowChampion] 1st week of August pages!
6. after reaching your daily vote limit (30) you even get a cute certificate with your name, level, and voting history on it!
let's do our best to help ateez stay on top!

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