Curious. @Wikipedia editor "Philip Cross" suddenly reaffirms that he alone is responsible for his grotesque narrative management editing. Well, we shall see. Incidentally, he's very likely not just "one individual", but at least two. 1/3
The two I refer to are, of course, "Philip Cross" and "NomdeA", unless Mr "Cross" can explain why "NomdeA" was, like him, editing the deeply obscure sitcom "Casanova '73" as well as gatekeeping Oliver Kamm's @Wikipedia page, until I caught him at it. 2/3
"Philip Cross" definitely existed in at least 2 incarnations on Twitter in 2018. He admitted as much, after he accidentally replied to someone from his second account. So there seems no reason why he should not exist in at least 2 incarnations on @Wikipedia as well. Cheers! 3/3
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