Interesting strategy in a state whose population is barely over 50 percent white and nearly one-third black (and 6% Latinx) and that contains Atlanta and Columbus. Also, if Kelly Loeffler ( @KLoeffler) is so hostile to the idea that Black Lives Matter, why invest in the @WNBA?
These southern politicians; the Loefflers, Brian Kemps, DeSantis, Abbots, Tom Cottons & Cyndi Hyde-Smiths seem to have decided that digging in on trying to incite a yearning among white voters for an antebellum or at least pre-civil rights order is the way to retain power.
It's definitely weird that New Yorker Donald Trump seems to be the most enthusiastic; playing Bull Connor mixed with George Wallace daily, but he's hardly the only "return to the pre-1964 society" politician operating at high levels in the GOP. Add Lindsey Graham & McConnell too.
But you'd think that these politicians are at some level, rational. They have to know that even if they win in the short term, they will only be legitimately governing half their states, and that eventually demographics will turf them out as a hostile force imposed upon the rest.
So I do wonder what the long term strategy is in the Republican Party these days. Is it, as @RadioFreeTom said this morning on #amjoy, to just burrow in and lay the groundwork for apartheid South Africa-style minority rule? Because as you know, even that eventually collapsed.
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