Let’s discuss the five marketing concepts in marketing management. These concepts will implement satisfying your audience’s wants, needs, and value; increasing sales and popularity; maximizing profits; and beating other competitors on the market. Let’s begin:
The marketing concepts are as follows:

1. Production
2. Product
3. Selling
4. Marketing
5. Societal Marketing

Please note: Images attached to tweets are examples of each concept.
1. The Production Concept:

Consumers will favor products that are widely available and inexpensive. Management puts focus on high production efficiency, low costs, and mass distribution.
2. The Product Concept:

Consumers will favor products that offer the most in quality, performance, and innovation. These are products that make continuous product improvements.
3. The Selling Concept:

Businesses undertaking aggressive selling and promotion of their products. Focuses on consumers’ transactions than building relationships with consumers.
4. The Marketing Concept:

Uses an organizational goal in creating, delivering, and communicating consumer’s value to the targeted audience better than competitors. Concept is broken down into four pillars: Target market, customer needs, integrated marketing, and profitability.
5. The Societal Marketing Concept:

To determine a consumer’s wants, needs, and interests and deliver their desired satisfaction effectively and efficiently than competitors. With an addition to improve consumer and society’s well-being.
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