They've been trying for weeks now to get the feds to kill some of the protesters.

They need martyrs in the worst way.
One of the most Leftist movies I ever watched was called "Waking The Dead" with Billy Crudip and Jennifer Connelly.

The basic plot is, Crudip is a bright young political candidate for office who's girlfriend died many years before in a car bombing.

Or...did she?
As the pressure of the political campaign builds and Crudip's idealistic young politician starts having to make a multitude of compromises with deep pockets supporters, he begins have hallucinations or flashbacks of Connelly, his radical revolutionary girlfriend of the past.
The flashbacks and appearances of Connelly grow increasingly real as the film progresses. In this scene, she calls him on the phone.
So it turns out at the END of the film...Connelly might NOT be dead after all. Her movement needed a MARTYR and she volunteered to pretend to get killed by a car bomb and then go into hiding.
Now the movie never actually resolves this question: is he haunted by guilt for thinking about selling out and so his conscience is causing him to hallucinate? Or is this Connelly's ghost? Or is she alive?

In this scene Crudip melts down.
In the end, she appears to him. They talk. The past is buried and he wakes up, STILL not knowing if that was actually her, her ghost or his own hallucination.

Here's where the point emerges:

This Leftist generation was raised on stories like this, the noble revolutionary.
Of course, in this story, it's a very mild form. She **volunteers** to disappear, cut off all contact with the outside world so the movement can use her 'martyrdom' for it's political ends.

There are others where the martyr actually dies and they're NOT volunteers.
That is to say, if you decide from your viewing of the movie she's actually alive.

Remember, they never really SHOW you the answer.
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