So guys After Today's live My status is I'm still a #Shehnaazian . And my utmost priority is to hype Shehnaaz Gill and her project.
But one thing I've witnessed today that both Shehnaaz and Sid have huge fan followings and it's not required to shade each other's fandom.
I'm still not going to stream DKKA and my priority is Kurta Pajama. But I hope Sidharth's Project does well and he gets lot of work in future .
My only request to #Sidhearts is that stop shading #Shehnaazians bcoz even u guys know that we are equally strong in numbers.
I don't expect you to stream Kurta Pajama bcoz ofcourse it's not ur priority . But let's just not degrade Sid and Sana . Bcoz from today's live I've seen this fanwars is affecting both of them. Shehnaaz doesn't show her frustration but Sid was obviously frustrated by some remarks
So #Sidhearts I know some of u hate Sana and maybe u'll never like her .But for the mental peace of Sid atleast try not commenting bad about her. Same goes for #Shehnaazians some of us hate Sid but try avoiding her.
Nobody is asking for each other's support in projects but
Let's coexist on Twitter. And for those #Sidhearts and #Shehnaazians who respects Sid and Sana and adore #SidNaaz bond, it's not necessary to be shippers to be positive just remember that.

For #Sidnaazians everything is good untill u start marriage , zorawar and writing
those vulgar fanfictions. So plz try to avoid it. Don't embarrass them guys.

Finally I'm still hurt by the fact that Sid follows those abusive handles but I request all small #Sidheart handlers to try to convince them that they don't shade #Shehnaazians and most importantly
don't post negative things against our Queen #ShehnaazGiIl .
#Shehnaazians big handlers and Fcs are sensible so no gyaan for them. But those who shade Sidhearts try not do these things and focus on #ShehnaazGiIl instead.

I hope we all move in a direction towards positivity.
Guys plz retweet it as much as possible and tag sensible #Sidhearts in this THREAD. Also let me know if I miss out on any points. Suggestions are welcome.

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