People like to say that the protests outside Netanyahu's house are not left-wing, and that saying so is just an attempt to discredit them. Well. Tonight the "united protests" put out a joint statement against violence - which I'm not criticizing in of itself. 1/3
But it conveniently includes a list of the organizations involved in these protests, like: The Black Flags, Extinction Rebellion, Crime Minister, Culture workers, Darkenu (formerly known as V-15), The Israeli Alliance, the Green Movement, Green Trend Hashomer Hazair Alumni 2/3
the Kibbutz Movement. Not left-wing? 3/3
My point is this: Don’t lie to us. It’s perfectly legitimate to be a left-wing protest. It’s not legitimate to be dishonest about it. The public is not stupid.
And I’ve said this in multiple columns and I’ll add it here: The people protesting for economic reasons are doing themselves a disservice by being with the other groups. Theirs is the cause with the potential to garner the broadest sympathy.
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