Okay y'all, since it's been a few days, this is what I've decided on regarding followers for my new account. I'm just gonna post the @, let you all put in requests, and go from there.

I just think this might work out better because I've realized that literally anyone +
Could create an account at this point, say they're my new side account, and the vast majority of you would have no idea that it's an imposter because you don't know what my real side account actually looks like.

Before I give you all the link though, +
There are a few things to note.

1) This will be my only alt account. I'm gonna add the link to my main page, and if you don't click it from there, or the bottom of this thread, then any other account you find claiming to be me/posting my threads is a fake. Notify me and report.
2) If you are requesting to follow the alt account and your account is private, I'm gonna request to follow you first so I can look around before accepting. I know that's annoying, but it's the only way I have to screen people, and after what's happened, that appears necessary.
3) You need to actually have posts/retweets/replies to people/etc. on your account. It doesn't have to be all of those, but you get the point. There just has to be something there for me to look through so I can get some idea of who you are.
And on that subject, please don't go through your profiles and "clean" them before sending a follow request, or on the opposite end of that, go and retweet/interact with a ton of posts all in one day to fill your profile.
That really doesn't give me an accurate picture to go off. I'm not trying to be mean, because I know some people are just shy, I just am trying to be really, really careful so hopefully I never have to repeat this process again 🥺.
4) If you get declined, please don't take it personally. It could be just because you didn't comply with one of the things I've mentioned above and need to fix it, so just DM me if you're really curious and I'll let you know.
And umm...I think that's it? So yeah, here's the link 😅


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